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Development of export potential of domestic food producers

Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants "CMC-Ukraine" with support of Management Consulting Institute has started methodic seminars “Development of export potential of domestic food producers” 

Activities of join project:

From November, 11, 2014 till December, 4, 2014 two-days expert seminars for management of food and proceeding companies, which want to increase competitiveness and enter the foreign markets were conducted in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv.

Seminar’s program was designed around roadmap of entering the new market for discussion of critical points: export potential’s assessment, optimal market’s choice, adaptation of company’s management system for requirements of external standards and partners, specific of middle and small business.


January, 22, 2015 roundtable “Barriers and recourses of increasing export potential of domestic food producers” took place.

Experts took part in the activity: El’vira Fayzullina, Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants, President; Margarita Chernenko, “Innovation of Business Model”, Managing Partner; Veronika Verba, Management Consulting Institute, Director, Sergiy Apal’kov, “Business-Format”, Manager, Valeriya Tarasenko, PavlenkoLegalGroup; Yuliya Grifzova, “ICA CEPT Ukraine”; Ol’ga Kvashuk, International Renaissance Foundation,  Project Coordinator.  

Aim of roundtable is public discussion and identification of priority in supporting of small and medium business of food and processing industry in going into EU markets.

Businessmen, who took part in a project, defined barriers, which restrain their intentions to exports in spite of new possibilities of Association Agreement with EU.

Project’s experts provided support to overcome these barriers for managers more than 30 food and proceeding firms of 3 Ukrainian regions

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