Management Consulting Institute

Professionals’ workshop

From September, 2014 Management Consulting Institute has been initiated educational project “Professional’s Workshop”. This project is realized by group of teachers of Enterprise’s Strategy Department and is supported by O.Vostriakov, Dean of Economics and Management Faculty.

Project’s aim: intensification of cooperation with University’s business-partners, increasing of level of senior students’ practical training, students’ and teachers’ introduction of modern trends of global and national economies’ development, best companies’ practices, innovational management technologies, etc.

The Project includes guest lectures, panel discussions, workshops and case-tournament for students and teachers of KNEU.     

September, 30, 2014 – lecture of Alina Sevastyuk, Manager of Development Business Department, Senior Manager of KPMG in Ukraine “World’s trends affecting  on states’ and business’ development”

October, 10, 2014 - workshop of Alexander Pan’kovezkiy, Managing Partner of online-store “Komora”, graduate “Project management and consulting” (2012) “Experience of creation of organic food’s online-store ” 

October, 23, 2014 - workshop of Alexander Pan’kovezkiy, Managing Partner of online-store “Komora” “Marketing strategy: development and implementation”

October, 28, 2014 – lecture of Irina Fedorzova, CEO of Television TET (GK “1plus1 Media”), graduate “Project management and consulting” (2007) “Role and tasks of financial service in strategic goals’ achievement”

November, 25, 2014 – lecture of Ruslan Dvorkovskiy (Studio “Life Design’ – logos design and corporate identity, web-development, internet advertising,  complex business internet promotion  and business publication  ВКурсе.ua“) "Why you cannot survive without creating a brand"

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